Taxes & Accounting

Boyer & Conniff, LLP is a full service tax and accounting firm located in San Ramon, CA. Contact us at 925.884.0270

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Tax Services & Planning

We prepare all types of tax returns. Tax Services are our principal type of services offered. We work with all types of entities including individuals, partnerships, corporations, trusts and estates, as well as charity and non-profit entities and family foundations.


Accounting Services

We provide audit, review and compilation services for privately held businesses. We also do accounting/bookkeeping work for businesses and individuals who need it. We also prepare trust and court accountings for trusts and estates.


Financial Planning

We work with you to first understand your planning needs and then develop a plan that can help you accomplish your goals. Financial planning services include (but are not limited to) education planning, estate planning, cash flow planning, retirement planning and benefit planning



We offer business valuation work for potential sales, gifts and/or estates. We help with valuations for potential stock options for employees or other family members.