Changes in Tax Year 2016 filing dates

IRS Due Date Changes

Dear Clients,

The IRS has changed some of the filing deadlines for tax returns and informational documents, effective with your 2016 returns. This means that you may need to plan to get us your information quite a bit sooner than before in order to file your 2016 return timely. Please note that pending legislation for California conformity has not yet passed and thus California still adheres to the previous due dates.

Partnership returns (Form 1065) are now due March 15, a month sooner than before.

C-corporation returns (Form 1120) filing on a calendar year basis are now due April 15, a month later.

Trust and estate (Form 1041), individual (Form 1040), S-corp (Form 1120-S), and fiscal year corporation

(Form 1120) filing dates are unchanged.

The following chart summarizes original and extended due dates for the majority of 2016 federal returns:

Type Form Due date Extended due date
Individual 1040 April 15 October 15
Trust & Estate 1041 April 15 September 15
Partnership 1065 March 15 September 15
Corporation (calendar year-end) 1120 April 15 September 15
Corporation (fiscal year-end) 1120 2.5 months
after year-end
8.5 months
after year-end
S-corporation 1120-S March 15 September 15
FBAR 114 April 15  October 15


W-2s and 1099s for 2016 and forward are now due to the government by January 31, the same date the payee copies are due to the recipients. There is no longer a delay of a month. There has also been an increase in the late filing fee.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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