Tax Preparation in the California Bay Area

Taxes and Tax Preparation, in the California Bay Area, is the specialty of Boyer & Conniff, LLP.

We work with all types of tax entities in the Bay Area including individuals, partnerships, corporations, trusts and estates, as well as charity and non-profit entities and family foundations. We are very familiar with the charitable lead or remainder trusts; grantor retained annuity trusts and unitrusts; dynasty trusts as well as qualified personal residence trusts.  We have helped clients in the Bay Area with the planning on the funding the various living and testamentary trusts which come into existence when someone passes away and will help with the allocation of assets to the new trusts. We also prepare gift tax returns for clients in the Bay Area.

We help plan for the payment of the lowest amounts of income, estate and generation skipping taxes as well as the related sales and property taxes.

We work with the attorneys to plan and implement the most sophisticated estate and income tax issues such as obtaining the highest discounts legally available for the passing of assets including the use of family limited partnerships or limited liability companies, the potential use of self-cancelling installment notes and using private annuities, etc.

We recognize that all too many tax planners end up concentrating on only tax savings rather than making sure that recommendations are good for overall financial planning and making sure that the underlying goals of the individual, family or business are addressed. It is never a good idea to let the “tax tail end up wagging the dog.”

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