California—Property Tax: Taxable Values May Rise More Than 2%

California—Property Tax: Taxable Values May Rise More Than 2% California homeowners who saw lower property tax bills in recent years may receive much larger property tax bills than anticipated in 2014. When the housing market crashed, Proposition 8 enabled some homeowners to receive significant temporary assessment reductions that resulted in lower tax bills. As housing prices increase, however, a […]

What Entities Will the IRS Target for 2014 and 2015 Audits?

Western CPE has provided us with the following important update on audits during 2014 and 2015.  View the full article at their website at: What Entities Will the IRS Target for 2014 and 2015 Audits? The GAO says that since FY 2010, the IRS has lost 10,000 employees and had its budget cut by $900 […]

Understanding College Prices

Understanding College pricing can be a challenge.  This presentation by Broadridge Investor Communications will help shed some light on understanding the true nature of college costs. The video will open in a new window.

Debt Advice To Get You Out Of Debt Fast

It isn’t an uncommon thing for a family to find themselves in a large amount of debt with no end in sight. It is easier than ever now to get into a debt trap or lose control of how you spend your money. If you find that you are having difficulty paying your monthly bills […]

Can I Refinance My Debt?

You might be surprised at how many people consider refinancing their debt. For many people, this is a good idea, but for others, it should not be entered into hastily or at all. For everyone thinking of refinancing, research is the first step before making any decision. One the first considerations consumers should undertake when […]

Tax Refund Identity Theft

Identity theft can also make it’s way into the realms of tax season.  The below info-graphic on Tax Refund Identity Theft helps to illustrate how a perpetrator would go about committing such a crime. Below is an image sourced from the U.S. Government Accountability Office that helps illustrate this very important matter. Do you think […]

Bankruptcy And Students: Many Students Fail To Pay Off Their Debt

Young people in their early twenties, of which many are students are becoming a fast-growing number of bankruptcy filers. Bankruptcy and students seems to be becoming a problem, and according to recent surveys, it is believed that teenagers younger than nineteen years of age own at least one credit card of their own. Also, it […]

Basic Information On Credit Card Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation allows you to speed up the time for paying off your debts with lower monthly bills. Should you opt for credit card debt consolidation, you can expect to pay off your current debts in three to six years. However, keep in mind that terms and conditions can change in a debt consolidation plan. […]

30 Year vs. 15 Year Mortgages

Discussions of mortgages often focus on interest rates, but there is a much more basic decision to make. Should you go with a 30 year mortgage term or a 15 year mortgage term? 30 Year vs. 15 Year Mortgages Any discussion of mortgages tends to turn on two points. How can you qualify for the […]

Different Forms of Ecommerce

It’s not difficult to explain how e commerce works. E commerce is simply the exchange of goods and/or services electronically. When you buy something from eBay, or any online store, you’ve participated in e-commerce. If you’ve ever downloaded music from a site like iTunes, that’s e commerce, too. There are many different business models […]