IRS Due Date Changes

Changes in Tax Year 2016 filing dates

Dear Clients, The IRS has changed some of the filing deadlines for tax returns and informational documents, effective with your 2016 returns. This means that you may need to plan to get us your information quite a bit sooner than before in order to file your 2016 return timely. Please note that pending legislation for […]

Why Is Tax Planning Important For Your Future?

Whether you are single or married, a parent or grandparent, you always need to look ahead to the future. Part of doing that means planning out your financial future and trying to save as much money as possible. That means paying as little as possible to Uncle Sam each year. So why is tax planning […]

Year-End Tax Planning: Higher Income Filers Must Navigate New Landscape

As you evaluate your tax situation at the end of the year it is critical to know about the important changes and updates. ¬†Particularly for individuals who are high income earners, who now have a changed landscape to navigate through. ¬†This video will help explain the changes that you need to know about. At Boyer […]