Upload Client Files

Boyer & Conniff, LLP is proud to offer a secure file uploading service to clients.  This page will offer instructions on how to upload files.

Step 1: Navigate to this secure link: https://boyerconnif.sharefile.com/share/#/getinfo/re9a7f9d2bb544fb9

Step 2: You should see the following form.  Enter your email address, first and last name.  Click continue when done.

File Share Name

Step 3: You can now use the following screen to upload your files securely.  Drag files onto the screen or use the provided links to find your files.  Click upload when you are ready to submit them.

Upload Screen

Once completed you will see a confirmation message, such as the one below.

upload success

If you have any questions or concerns about the upload service.  Please do not hesitate to ask.